Sunday, September 14, 2008

About Time I Say (and so do others)

It's been one rainy weekend. I figured (with some goading) it would be a good time to actually get the apartment clean. I spent a good amount of time doing just that. The place is looking better and better. I just might have to invite someone over to witness my efforts. If I'm going to hunker down for the winter months, I may as well have an organized place to play in. I tore myself away from the TV and got out to Target and lunch with Doug for a bit yesterday, now going to start putting clothes in their proper place instead of the bed. I just may sleep in my bed tonight instead of the couch. I wonder if my body will handle the change. In between things I managed to catch a couple of my Disney favorites though.

Patrick, I'm glad you're up and about, feeling better! These things take time, so don't push too hard, and get well soon! I'll be thinking about you. Peace Brother!