Sunday, August 02, 2009

Biking, Brats, Words, Moving

Today was an absolutely beautiful one. I had to get out on the bike trail. Took a nice leisurely ride along the lake. There were a lot of people enjoying the outdoors. Biked over to Mom and Dads, first time for that! Spent the afternoon laying tiles, scrabble tiles with Mom, listening to the baseball game, talking, and having dinner, brat patties with kraut, onion, and swiss cheese, potato salad, beans, and pistachio pudding. I wasn't too sure about the sandwich to start, but have changed my mind and think it was rather tasty. I sat around for a while afterward and headed home. I took a different route on the way back, using the streets instead of heading to the bike trail. The streets are bumpy in Cudahy. Settled in, watching TV and plotting the next step in getting ready for the big move. Tomorrow starts the major push.