Sunday, June 24, 2007

The weekend has been busy, fun, and now I'm ready to relax. I went out by Kim's Friday night and we all went out to the new McDonald's in Waukesha for dinner ($1.00 Quarter Pounders) then to downtown for Friday night bands. We wandered around, listened to music, watched a pottery demonstration, looked at tattoos, and had gelato. Saturday I helped out at Kim's rummage sale to raise money for the 88th Signal Battalion, then we went to Scott's sister Melinda's Summer Solstice party. I had a really good time hanging out with Kim, Scott, Sarah, and Nicholas. I got home around 10:00am this morning. I plan on relaxing, reading, doing a puzzle or two, watching TV. It's been a great weekend.

My pro-time is hovering around 1.8 and I need to be at 2 or above to be therapeutic. My medicine has been increased to 10mg a day to bump up my levels. I have to get my blood checked again this coming Thursday. Yay, more needles.