Thursday, July 10, 2008

Saving The Tree Frogs

Over the last few days, there has been a swarm of tiny tree frogs frantically hopping the streets of the industrial park near work. I noticed them on the walk this morning, after Christine had mentioned them the other day. There is a creek running past the building and adjacent lots. For some reason, the frogs are leaving the marshy wooded area and end up in the roadway and can not get up the curbs. They then are drying up and dying. They are tiny. So today when I was walking, I noticed a number of them attempting to jump up the curb. I assisted a number of them get back onto the grassy area. It was a nice diversion, made the walk interesting this morning. I washed my hands once I got back to work.


fogbound said...

Weird! Two nights ago, we had a swarm of tree frogs trying to get into our house (Vancouver Island, BC Canada). They were stuck to the glass doors and all over the carport floor. Last night there were a few, but not nearly as many. Do you suppose that means we might be due for an earthquake???