Sunday, August 05, 2007

There's something about waking up on your own couch after 12 hours sleep that is relaxing, refreshing. Let me back pedal to Friday. I went to have tests done at the Oncologist's. The blood test revealed I was still very anemic. It was decided I would be hospitalized until they find out why. I got home, packed a bag, and waited for the call from the hospital. My bed would be ready at 7:00pm. Dad came and got me. After settling in and eight vials of blood, I received blood transfusions. Saturday, tests didn't reveal anything on why I am anemic, but the transfusions improved my levels. I had an ultrasound, which showed the blood clot had dfinitely been reduced in size. I received another transfusion (900cc in all) and released from the hospital about 7:00pm. I came home, laid on the couch and fell asleep immediately. I just woke up about thirty minutes ago. It was nice waking up on my couch. All medications have been stopped to see if any are effecting my blood production and will be following up with the Oncologist tomorrow. I will have a bone marrow biopsy done once I am off the Coumadin. I have the CT and Pet scans in the morning. Today is all about lounging.