Monday, March 23, 2009


I never thought that at this point in my life I would be looking for so many things. Not too long ago I was in the groove, had a circle of friends that I really enjoyed knowing, which has since disappeared just like that. I had a job, that while wasn't the best match for me, was challenging, interesting, kept me occupied, now that's disappeared too. Too many bumps in the road and the self confidence shrinks, disappears like that too. I can take the hits, shake myself off, move on, but it is a bit much at once. I looked for a job and insurance today (even though I most likely will go with COBRA thanks to the President's 65/35 initiative which makes it affordable. I will continue to get my resume out there, found a couple of job sites I will be signing up at. As for the circle of friends, that seems to me the most daunting of tasks, to put myself out there after all these years. A job certainly would help me afford to get out and socialize. I hate to say it, but I sure do miss the friends that have gone.