Monday, March 09, 2009

Puzzle Pieces

Today I started a jigsaw puzzle. Figuratively speaking. I updated my resume and started applying for a new job. I am focusing on IT. I am looking at both the greater Milwaukee area along with Orlando and Sarasota in Florida. The effort put into finding a career is like putting together a jigsaw puzzle, making sure you have the correct pieces in the right place.

This weekend, I got to see Pat and Toni, Tim and Julia, over lunch at Mom and Dads. Then we viewed pictures from the trip to Florida. I enjoyed reliving the moments. Mom, Julia, and I played scrabble too. I do like word games. Sunday brought overcast, dreary, rain weather complete with thunder and lightning, freezing rain, and snow. I had to chisel off my car this morning. Tomorrow, I'll work on the puzzle some more.