Monday, July 06, 2009


I woke up later than usual, to an acrid stench in the air. Out the window I could see an odd cloud formation of black against the bright blue sky. Shortly afterward my cell phone rang and it was Kent telling me to get out, that the city of Cudahy had a mandatory evacuation within one mile of a major fire at the Patrick Cudahy meat packing plant. I told him I wasn't in the area of the fire. I turned on the TV and sure enough, the police were going door to door, telling people to leave and I was in the area being evacuated. Within minutes, there was a knock on my door and it was the police. I threw on a shirt, flips, grabbed my wallet, keys, cell and headed over to my Mom and Dad's. We watched the news for a while and decided to head over to the casino. I managed to turn $20 into $117.35 on one machine. That was the end of my gambling. We stayed and had an early lunch, then back to their home, watched the news, the continuous fire, and no sign of being able to return to my apartment. I went shopping for crates to use for packing, and ate dinner with Mom and Dad. I wanted to return home, moreso because officials said I couldn't. At 7:00pm the order was lifted and I was able to come back. Glad to be on my couch at this time.