Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Finding The Christmas Spirit

For whatever reason, Christmas is just going to be another day for me this year. I'm not a bah humbug, nor am I depressed, just am not as excited as I could be about it. Fortunately, I did have a moment that personifies what Christmas is to me. A good friend from work was telling me a story about how her daughter wanted a toucan this year. She has Webkins stuffed animals and wanted the toucan to add to her collection. The toucan has been retired and hard to come by. Her daughter was devastated by the news and has been upset about not getting Toco the Toucan. In a brilliant flash of ingenuity, I jumped onto the Internet and was able to locate one on EBay, ordered it, and let my friend know her daughter would be getting Toco after all. She was grateful. To say that I will be making someone very happy on Christmas morning has given me a little bit of the magic that exists around this time.