Saturday, January 17, 2009

Cold & Snow

Made it through another cold snap. The Jeep started, ran in the sub-zero temps. Now it's snowing again. Winter. Each year, I wonder what I'm still doing here. Last night, I got together with Pat, Toni, Chris, Tim, Julia, and Mike over at Mom and Dad's for pizza. Spent the evening chatting and laughing with each other, it was a really nice gathering, hanging out with family. This morning I got up early, headed down to the casino for a trip give-away. As luck would have it, I didn't cash out of the machine when I was up money, didn't win the trip, or run into the friends I was supposed to meet down there. Tim and Julia picked me up later and we went shopping, almost got a new cell phone (still undecided which one to get), picked up some books, then had a good dinner of lobster and shrimp. I'm going to start reading one tonight, but have been lounging and watching TV. It's been a pretty good winter weekend.