Monday, January 12, 2009


Winter is definitely making it's presence known. A snow storm is currently underway, to be followed by a cold snap of arctic air, sub-zero temperatures. One would think there would be no such thing as overheated during a cold spell. On the way to work this morning, the engine temperature started fluctuating, dropping to 0 then shooting up to 260+, The engine light came on, it was overheating. I still had heat in the Jeep, yet there was no regulating. I suspected the thermostat blew. During lunch I picked up the parts and antifreeze, filled the reservoir tank, started the engine, and it overheated again. After work, I stopped over by Mom and Dad to replace the thermostat. On the way there, the engine temperature remained at a constant 210. No overheating. Dad and I checked everything over, added more antifreeze to the radiator and the reservoir tank, ran the engine, and everything seems fine, in working order. We decided to hold off on replacing the thermostat and will watch how the Jeep runs the next couple of days.