Friday, June 12, 2009

The Blood That Moves The Body

Yesterday, at the Oncologist, I was expecting to hear that everything is going fine, no issues, come back in six months. Well, that didn't happen. This time instead of having low levels, I had elevated ones instead. Additional blood work done shows no real problems relating to lymphoma. Thankfully. Now I can head down to Florida with a clear mind and focus on eight days to change my life. I had a 3 card Tarot reading about my personal journey and the results were rather surprising.

Context - Ace of Swords: Your mind will become sharp and clear. It will be ready to accept new challenges and you will be ready to discuss these new opportunites with others to make the best out of what presents itself.
Focus - Priestess 2: The Priestess represents your dreams. They are sending you a message. You should focus, maybe, on a repetitive dream for the answer. This is our innermost voice attempting to help us out with its wisdom.
Outcome - Devil 15: The Devils card symbolizes some negative place. You are in some sort of uncomfortable situation that you need to free yourself of. It may represent bad habits that need to be dropped such as greed, being blind to truths, etc. It urges a cleansing of the negative karma.

Read into it what you will, but I think it is rather compelling.