Saturday, March 22, 2008

Falling Down the Mountains

First thing this morning I went out and cleared off the Jeep, except for the two feet of snow on the roof. I wanted the sun to soften the mounds before I attempted to remove them. Next I scaled the towering peaks of dirty laundry. Load after load until I leveled that mountain. Then I headed back out and chopped down the range on the roof of the Jeep and put it in 4WD and parked on the street so the lot could be cleared. Once that was done, I went back out to repark in the lot. As I was crossing the expanse of snow between the sidewalk and the street, I lost my balance and tumbled down the snow bank into the street, landing with a hard thump. I jumped up, unlocked the Jeep and drove back to the parking spot. When I got back into the apartment I noticed I tore one of my gloves and my right side was soaking wet and covered with dirt and gravel. I am okay, I am laughing about the whole thing. It just better not snow the rest of the spring so I don't have to park out on the street anymore.