Thursday, March 13, 2008

Walking and Walking Man In A Van

The weather today has been warmer, temperatures in the low 50s. I went for a walk after I got home from work. Not too far, just a couple of blocks. I wanted to get outside for a while. It felt great. As the weather becomes nicer, I will get out and enjoy. Christine and I went to Taco Bell for lunch today. It seems every time we go, we see Walking Man there. Lately though, there has been no Walking Man sightings. He is this guy who walks everywhere, with a very pronounced limp. As we were eating, I kept scanning the area for him. A beat up old van pulled into the lot and I didn't pay much attention to it until around the back end came Walking Man. He turned around, went back to the van to grab a bible (which he always has and highlights passages in while eating). Christine and I realized we were sitting at the table he normally occupies. He is one interesting person. And he drives a Van. No wonder we haven't seen him walking in quite a while.