Friday, April 04, 2008

The Phone Call and The Van

One twenty minute phone call change the course of the social security debacle. I spoke with the a staff member of my congressman this morning, explained the situation, she made a few calls herself, and a stop order on the wage garnishment was placed, while my case is being reviewed. She managed to accomplish in two short hours what I have been trying to get done the past six months. While the case isn't completely over (social security needs to figure out I did not collect payment, therefore I owe no money), at least I am not being steam-rolled over by the government and my wages are not being stolen from me. I now have an advocate to work with. (Thank you Leeanne for pointing me in the right direction!)

My universe is not spinning out of control.

Christine and I went to Taco Bell for lunch today. Walking Man's van was parked in the lot. We expected him to be sitting at his table highlighting passages in his bible, but he was not. We watched and waited while we ate. He never showed up while we were there. We figured he must be out walking.