Sunday, April 06, 2008

Saturday and Sundae

Spent most of the weekend running around. Started out early Saturday morning by Char's house helping set up and working the rummage sale. Ran to McDonalds for lunch, watched and played with Kaiyah, took her in the Stroller aroundthe neighborhood, walked to Boy Blue with her and Kirsi and got everyone ice cream. I spent the whole day outside and it was incredible. Once the rummage was finished, drove out to Kim's. Her and I went to check out designs for the tattoo I want to get, should I be so bold. Then we went to the Home Show along with Scott, Sarah, and Nicholas, wandered through the expo and stopped to pick up some ice cream for some sundaes with homemade hot fudge sauce. In the morning, after coffee and breakfast, I left Kim's and headed over to Jody's for a day of shopping. We finished the day off having turtle sundaes. Now I'm home, time to unwind and settle on the couch for a night of reading and TV watching. It was a nice, active, calming weekend, compared to the unsettled week I had. Ice cream always makes for a great day.