Thursday, April 02, 2009

Hairy Situations

Situation One:

1:00pm today the line for Taco Bell is not moving, stretching through the hallway at UWM, quick decision, let's go to Qdoba on Oakland, order queso burrito, black beans, sour cream, salsa. good, tasty, filling, 3/4 finished, take a forkful, encounter clump of hair, notify indifferent manager, "what do you want me to do with it?", "it's on top not in the food", offer of a burrito to go, I'll pass, thank you, emailed the corporation once I returned home

Situation Two:

9:15pm yesterday knock at the door, neighbor across the hall is standing there dressed in torn shorts, his elbow wrapped in a towel, blood flowing, he fell in the shower, his elbow smashing the ceramic soap dish on the wall, does he need to go to the emergency room, can I check to see just how bad he's cut, the blood won't stop flowing, unwrapped, there's still a shard of ceramic in the wound, tweezers, a quick pull, it's removed, compression, talking in the hallway, the blood stops, the wound isn't bad, more talking, and it's decided no emergency room visit

Situation Three:

9:00am yesterday getting dressed for the day, pull on a sweater, it's got dog hair on it, from an old friend, and it's all in the foreground again, when will it pass, when does it stop, when does the hurting end


Beth said...

Those are indeed some hairy situations, but it sounds like you handled them the best you could.

I still can't eat at a Hardee's because of an incident at one in Texas. A little piece of cowhide on my burger, white and black hair. That happened over 20 years ago, and I still won't set foot in a Hardee's.