Thursday, April 09, 2009

Seeing Red (Tape)

Yesterday I went to lunch with Christine and one of the topics of discussion was unemployment benefits. I haven't gotten any notification since originally filing, and neither had she, and others let go from the company have been collecting benefits. So I wondered if the Social Security issue was affecting my unemployment somehow. I attempted to access my account online but was directed to call. So this morning I did. After waiting 40 minutes, I finally got a representative. My unemployment claim had been closed due to inactivity!?! I explained that after my initial filing, I have not received any notifications. The rep started explaining to me that I was to follow the online instructions and had failed to do so, thus the claim was closed. I told her I was waiting for further information and didn't realize that I was approved immediately. After being lectured, I had to reapply for unemployment benefits. I am now reregistered and can collect benefits while I am unemployed. I was releived in a way that social security wasn't involved, but frustrated by the process which should be simpler than it is. I realize I do not like dealing with government offices.