Saturday, April 18, 2009

The Moon, The Stars, The Symphony

Last night Tim, Julia, and I went out for dinner at the Carleton Grange, where we all enjoyed a fish fry. We had attempted to go to the South Shore Inn, but their kitchen is closed for renovations. After dinner, we headed over to the Wehr Nature Center, met up with Michael, and were going to go on the Moon Stroll/Astronomy Hike. It was a preregistered event, not show up and participate one so we ventured out on our own nature walk. As it grew darker, we stopped back at the car to get a flashlight and ventured back to the trails. we ended up near a lake sitting on a pier talking when we all noticed the geese were starting to become restless, noisy. They grew louder and louder, we saw geese fighting, flying across the water, it was chaotic. We watched in amazement as it continued on, the geese were definitely battling, their cries echoing, creshendoing, a cacophony of noise. As I listened, it reminded me of music, a song of nature. It was amazing. After a while the geese started settling down, the dance, the song over. We walked back to the car, went to Kopps, then to Barnes and Noble. I really enjoyed the night.