Thursday, April 16, 2009

The Leo Dragon

Everything won't be so easy during these days: despite some valuable awareness, you'll go through moments of stress, disillusions, and conflicts. If your heart is free to be taken, you'll make an encounter of paramount importance during a meeting at your close relatives' house. Your resistance against microbial and viral infections will be reduced; therefore, redouble your precautions and consider, for example, taking a trace-element treatment so as to reinforce the natural defenses of your body. The stars will protect you, and nothing serious can bring you down. Try to be much more tactful so as to improve things. Your cholesterol level could increase; get a blood test made, replace meat with fish more often and butter with vegetable oils. You can count on some valuable friendly support, which will give you the means of carrying out a project that you have so close to your heart.

This is my horoscope for the next month. I'll see how things pan out.