Tuesday, May 12, 2009


You have come out with the Oceanic soul type. This would describe you as a person who is generally happy inside with an array of surfacing moods that tend to effect the people around you more than you would like. You are very busy dealing with things that seem like they would make no sense to the people in your life. You long for communion emotionally with someone but can't seem to find anyone who fits the bill. It is exceedingly important for an Oceanic soul to realize they are part of something by nature that is so vast, so incredible, so infinitely changing that they do not need to 'connect' the way they have learned to think that they do. All they really need to do is take notice of the beauty they are a real bonafide part of and participate fully. It is by exerting will in this small behavioral way that will bring them into a light that is very attractive to the right kind of people for them. Ironically, once an Oceanic realizes what they are a part of and starts to really willfully participate, they no longer feel such a need for connection.so get busy Oceanic soul! You have a lifetime of tides to ebb and flow through, and a whole world of beauty to be a part of.