Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Passenger 13509

Today, My Mom, Dad, and I ventured down to the museum to tour the RMS Titanic exhibit. We roamed through other displays, including the butterfly wing before our scheduled tour. Upon arrival we were given a boarding pass with details of a passenger on board the Titanic for it's maiden Atlantic voyage. I received ticket 13509 Mr. Francis Davis Millet, East Bridgewater Massachusetts, First Class Cabin E-38. The display started with champagne bottles found at the wreckage site. We then boarded the ship and were able to view the accommodations, and the night of her final passage. Of all the artefacts on display, the one that struck me the most was a stewards jacket from one of the crew members. The display included a real iceberg that you could touch, fixtures from the ship, a section of the hull, and personal items recovered. There were accounts from passengers aboard, including plenty of pictures on display. As the tour ended, there was a log of surivors. "I" (Passenger 13509) was among those lost that night. It was a very well done presentation and I enjoyed the experience.